A Few of Our Favourite Things…

A Few of Our Favourite Things…

Written by Juliet, January 2021

Oh the pressure! What to pick? There are quite a few things I love on our website, but if forced to select just one, after a lot of ‘humming & ahhing’ – I’m a Libran, so it comes with the territory – it has to be the Stálogy 4 Function Pen.

At first glance, with its chunky barrel, you might think this Japanese designed pen is not too dissimilar to a cigar in shape, but don’t let that fool you. My 4-function editor’s pen is amazing, lightweight & comfortable to write with. It has practically everything I could ever ask for in a writing implement. Why, you ask? Well, the 4 Function Pen has 3 different coloured inks – blue, black and red. Not only do I have 3 pens, there’s also a pencil. No more rummaging around in my desk tray, pen case for different pens or pencils, all the coloured inks and pencil are a click away. A quick push of a tab & I’m doodling with a different pen/pencil, or should I say, up-dating that very important ‘To Do List’.

But that aside, what elevated this well-designed pen to the top spot on my favourites list, was the eraser in the pen cap. I was quite content with my 4 Function Pen of many inks & had no idea the top of the pen came off. So when I discovered the eraser, admittedly a small, humble & often overlooked item, it was the icing on the cake. My love for Stálogy’s 4 Function Pen was forged.


I’d easily give this pen/pencil and eraser 5 stars any day. Pick up a 4 function pen for yourself.

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