A Few of Our Favourite Things…

A few of our favourite things…

Written by Sandy, January 2021

Of all the things we have at NishuraEast, it has to be Haru tape I enjoy the most. It’s probably my involvement in art that does it. When I have the time, I make paintings and write about art. And it’s easy to see Haru tape is a first class art material.

When we started working with Haru, taking it on as a product, one of the ways we explored how using it, was asking young contemporary artists to try it out, commissioning them to do works for the showroom. We’ll be putting up the results soon on the website.

It was fascinating to see how different creative solutions came out of each artist’s encounter with Haru. One of the things special about Haru is you can move pieces around – peeling it off, re-sticking it, without leaving any marks. And then you can layer colours on other colours, so you get a combined third colour. Like mixing paint.


The given palette runs to 48 colours – some bright, some muted, some metallic even. An artist like Mondrian would have adored it. Haru would have suited his love of primary colours and straight lines perfectly. I’m sure Klee would have treasured it too. The element of creativity is intriguing – you can always correct what you’ve done, and always try out different versions of ideas.

It doesn’t have to be grand art of course. Just a few marks on the wall. Or on a bit of furniture. That can give things a real twist – an accent. That’s what I like about Haru. It nudges you into being more creative. Into making your environment more exciting. Something a lot of us might welcome at the moment!

Browse the full range of HARU tapes and get some inspiration.

Next week Juliet will be telling us about her favourite items on NishuraEast.

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