A Freebie Worth Having!

A Freebie Worth Having!

Written by Sophie, April 2021

You may have seen that we’re currently giving away a free Stalogy canvas bag with every order of £40 or more. There are only a few days left of this offer, so be sure to order soon to get your free bag.

I think it might be slightly hard to tell just from photos, but these canvas bags aren’t the flimsy ones you often get for free at events (I still have at least 4 of them from the freshers fair at university!). In fact, the Stalogy canvas bags actually have an RRP of £25 (you can buy them on our website!). The canvas is thick and sturdy and the bag has a flat bottom, allowing it to stand up. The straps are wide, preventing them from digging into your shoulder if you’re carrying something heavy. And best of all, the bag fits A4 documents or a laptop inside, making it exceedingly useful.

Exclusive Stalogy Canvas Bag


One side of the bag is printed with Stalogy’s logo and ethos – almost like a giant version of the labels on their notebooks or sticky notes, whereas the other side is plain. This means you can choose which side is showing, depending on your outfit, or where you’re going. The dark grey canvas is also perfect for hiding any dirt or marks that may get on the bag, making it ideal for using as a picnic basket or when you’re on the go.

This really is an offer too good to pass up on – you’d better order quickly as it’s ending soon!

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