A Mother’s Day gift idea – a Hoop bag


I suppose many of you have been sending over bunches of flowers from local florists for Mother’s Day for the past two years. Everyone loves to receive lovely flowers, including me!

Why not try to change it up a little this year? My suggestion is a Hoop bag. I use the red Katate bag myself and I absolutely love it. It is a bit of an investment (£110), but the canvas fabric is extremely durable. It stands up and holds its shape perfectly, even if I only put my mobile phone and a lipstick inside.

We want to provide our customers with top quality products, that last a long time. We are against fast fashion – quickly (and cheaply) produced and low quality.

All the Hoop bags have two large pockets inside, so you can find your mobile phone, keys and even hand sanitiser very easily! We have three different styles of Hoop bags, with differing sizes:

The Katate bag is the smallest. I normally put my diary with a pen, mobile phone, keys, purse, and lipstick in this elegant little bag. I use it when having lunch with my friends, going to dinner parties, going to the cinema or art galleries. I don’t tend to wear bold patterns or primary colours, so my red Katate bag is the perfect accent for my outfits.

hoop yokonaga red

The Hoop Yokonaga Bag

hoop katate yellow

The Hoop Katate Bag

hoop shikaku blue

The Hoop Shikaku Bag







The Shikaku bag is slightly bigger. If your mother likes to carry a book, makeup bag or glasses, this bag would be the perfect size.

The Yokonaga bag is the largest of the three and fits A4 sized objects. If you were going to the theatre or an exhibition it would the perfect size to fit an A4 programme. I always carry some throat sweets and a bottle of water when I go to a concert or play, as I find my throat gets dry and I feel the need to cough. However, if I carry the water and sweets, I never need to use them! It’s a psychological effect, isn’t it?!

The Hoop bags suit the most casual outfits, as well as smarter occasions. Their Japanese designer and maker Yoko Iwamoto didn’t compromise in any areas to achieve the best quality. I am sure that a Hoop bag would become your mother’s favourite bag, and she could keep it for a long time. I feel comfortable and confident when I carry my Katate bag. It must be a psychological effect too!

Keiko's Red Hoop Katate Bag

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