April Start Diaries


We’ve been selling Hobonichi since 2021, and this year have lots of different sizes, covers and accessories. We have a great selection of covers for the April Start Techo, Cousin and weeks still available, as well as some April start exclusive items!

You might wonder why Hobonichi makes an April start collection. Well, in Japan the new school year starts in April and graduates start their new jobs in April too.  Many Japanese people start a new life in April. People might want to change their furniture or repaint rooms, as their children have gone to university or moved out. It’s also the beginning of spring, so time to air out the house and do some spring cleaning!

When I was a student in Japan, I always bought my new notebooks and diary at the end of March when the weather was becoming warmer, and Japan’s famous cherry blossoms began to line the streets. It made me excited to start the new year, see my friends, and study new subjects. I liked opening my new textbooks and smelling the fresh ink. Even now getting a new diary reminds me of the warm spring breeze and cherry blossoms blooming.


A lot of people in Japan prefer to start their new diary in April, to turn the page onto their new life. Many parents find it more practical to use an April start diary as they can add all the school holidays and events at the start of the school year.

Now living in the UK, I know that the majority of people use January start diaries, but the tax year starts in April, so a lot of professions find and April start diary more useful.

Some people also bought a new diary in January, maybe a new layout or from a new brand, but find that it doesn’t work for them. They don’t need to wait until the end of the year, instead they can use an April start Hobonichi! I use my diary every single day, including the weekends, so it’s important to find a layout and style that works for you. I use the Hobonichi Techo, with the Taut Leather in Celeste Blue. It is my affordable luxury diary and makes me happy to open the page every morning. I feel that my Hobonichi diary can help me navigate my life in the direction I have planned. It gives me a lot of positive energy!

We have a variety of 2023 Hobonichi April Start Techos, Cousins and Weeks available online at nishuraeast.com, as well as at our studio.


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