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HARU stuck-on design

HARU stuck-on design  is a creative new concept: different kinds and sizes of tape that allow you to add colour to interiors and objects like never before. Stick on and peel off, create and explore, without leaving a mark. It’s as good for children as it is for adults.


We’ve worked with an exciting range of people using Haru at their homes, in studios, at design fairs and in offices, and it’s had an eye-opening ability to encourage people to be creative – to make patterns, designs and art. And to have fun.

We’ve also worked with some contemporary artists, exploring Haru’s potential. You can see some of the results here.

There are three kinds of Haru tape. The paper-based washi tape, available in 48 colours. Ideal for decorating walls, doors and furniture, it’s easy to work with and strong, and has a semi-opaque, matte finish, which means you can build up colours through layering. It comes in 10 metre rolls in four different widths – 50mm, 150mm, 300mm and 600mm – and sticks securely but is easily peeled off.

Haru also comes as PET tape, which is a stronger version, suitable for decorating floors and tough assignments. This comes in 32 colours and has an opaque and glossy finish, and its bright colours are perfect for everything from marking social distancing lines to creating works of art. The 10 metre rolls of PET tape come in two widths – 50mm and 150mm.

HARU stuck-on design washi tape rolls
HARU stuck-on design washi tape neon candies 03

There is also a Haru OPP series of tapes, which is perfect for adding flair to your designs, walls and furniture, as it comes in 8 different graphic patterns. The transparent tape with bold black lines can be layered on top of Haru’s washi tapes, for an exciting designed look. These come in 150mm widths.

HARU stuck-on design OPP Tape Graphic Geometric 02
HARU stuck-on design OPP Tape traditional japanese 03
HARU OPP Tape on Wall

The background behind HARU stuck-on design is that it was developed by the Japanese technology giant Nitto, which has an exceptional history of development in adhesive and tape-related products. So the skills and technology behind the tape are extraordinary, and account for the ways in which it can stick so well and peel off so easily without leaving marks. Early on Haru was awarded a prestigious international Red Dot Award for product design, being recognised for its exciting original concept. That concept has certainly proved its potential.

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