Doodling- more than just a distraction

Doodling – more than just a distraction

Written by Sophie, June 2021

From the earliest cave drawings to the most modern masterpieces, humans have always drawn. Whilst not too many of us go on to be professional artists, we still find ourselves doodling in the margins of textbooks, or on the back of envelopes.

At school you tended to be told off for doodling, told it was distracting you and you should focus on your work. A recent study however has shown that doodling whilst listening to a phone call can lead to you recalling the information better, in fact people remembered 30% more information when they had been doodling than when they were told to sit still.

Drawing is also used as another form of language – just how do we instinctively know that stars floating around someone’s head means they are dizzy, or wavy lines show that someone smells bad? In fact, many indigenous communities, particularly in Australia, use drawings to tell stories, ancestral history or even gossip about what’s going on.

In fact, there are some famous artists that are well-known for their doodling art styles. Keith Haring, the American artist, is still hugely popular today, despite having died over 30 years ago. His art has been used in collaborations with brands such as Lacoste and Uniqlo.

You might also have heard of Mr Doodle (aka The Doodle Man, aka Sam Cox). This 26 year old Brit had taken the art world by storm, creating huge murals all over the world for companies such as Samsung, Fendi and Puma, as well as in galleries and stadiums. Chances are you’ve seen him on Instagram, where he has over 2.7 million followers.

If you fancy getting in on the doodle action yourself, the Stalogy Vintage Notebooks are a great option. They are the perfect combination of high quality yet affordable, with smooth paper than pens and pencils glide over. With their grey ruled lines, they are ideal for children to use as workbooks, and they come in six colours so theirs one for everyone. The cover is made of textured ‘gokanshi’ paper, that gives them a luxurious feel.

Vintage Notebook Stalogy notebook


Whatever you choose to fill your vintage notebook with, be sure to have fun with it!

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