Getting personal with Stalogy notebooks

Getting personal with Stalogy notebooks

Written by Sandy, March 2021


I love that bit in Goldfinger when Q is telling James Bond all about the special tricks he can play with his new Aston Martin. There’s a smokescreen function, left and right machine guns, the famous ejector seat, and then the special revolving number plates, you can change for each country you visit.

I quite like special number plates. I appreciate the personal touch, making sure you (and everyone else) knows this one is yours. And no one else’s. It marks you out from the crowd, even when you’ve got something super special on your hands. Like a DB5. Or one of Stalogy’s Editor’s Series notebooks for that matter.

They’re design classics, to be sure, the Stalogy notebooks. And award winners (including Indy Best Buy 2020 in The Independent). But on top of that, what about also having your initials beautifully stamped on the cover. Just for that extra smart personal touch. We can actually do that for you. It’s really easy – just say the word. Choose between gold or silver foil lettering. Then tell us your initials, and Bob’s your uncle.

You can follow the way on the website here, when choosing a notebook. It’s all set up. Or tell us what you’d like by email and we can sort it out.

It’s not bad as a business idea either, if you’ve got a team of staff, and you want to thank them or give them a present. Get them each something they’ll actually cherish – a personalised Stalogy notebook. And we could even arrange to put your logo on it too if you want. (Come to think of it, you could even offer something like this to one of your clients.)

We do the actual stamping of the notebooks in-house, so there’s keen-eyed quality control, and we only use proper gold and silver leaf. Do have a look at the film here of how it’s done.

There’s quite a range of Stalogy Editor’s Series notebooks you can have stamped with your own initials. Sizes such as A5, B5, A6 and B6, with colours like black, blue, red and yellow (as well as limited edition ones in beige, dark grey and navy). All of them have that design DNA that immediately tells you they’re cool Japanese stationery. And you know it when you start turning the pages and get writing, as the paper is lightweight but takes the ink so well.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And we all of us here at Nishura have them ourselves. Personalised Stalogy notebooks of our own. And what’s more, I’m quite sure James Bond would have had one too if they’d only been around then.


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