How Masking Dots will brighten up someone you care about

How Masking Dots will brighten up someone you care about

Written by Ai, February 2021

It’s Valentine’s week, which isn’t just for lovers but also friends, family and even co-workers who I miss so much since this pandemic is forcing us to stay at home.

Thankfully we can still connect with people through emails, zoom and social media instead of in the park, office or on the street, which is great.

And some people are using more traditional ways to say hello and show their love and care. In my case, I am receiving postcards from my friends who live in other countries, even though we can also talk on social media. Postcards always lift me up and let me feel like my friends are just next to me. Maybe this is something that we just can’t get through a video call.

Masking Dots are another great way to send your love, using the power of colour. Eight colour palettes are available, and each palette comes in 4 different sizes from 5mm to 20mm.

Stalogy Masking Dots Colourful

These colourful dots are made from washi – Japanese paper – and they’re easy to peel off with no damage to surfaces, you can even re-stick them. Also all dots are slightly transparent.

These masking dots showcase the best of Stalogy, a Japanese stationery brand that embraces the heritage of Japanese paper. NishuraEast is the only place which has the full range of Masking Dots.

Once you start putting dots on blank paper, ideas will pop into your mind, and you’ll think about the person you’re sending it to, like maybe their favourite colour.

Also, being creative with colour is such a great way to relieve stress.

Stalogy’s official website provides templates of a monthly calendar & seasonal postcard for Masking Dots. It’s a useful way to start playing with these wonderful colours.

(Although the website is in Japanese, you can translate it with one of the built-in systems on your device).

Masking dots from Stalogy will help cheer you up, and also cheer up someone you care about. You can see our full range here.



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