How to make the Hobonichi Techo work for you!


How to make the Hobonichi Techo work for you!

Written by Sophie, October 2021

Now that we’ve added Hobonichi to NishuraEast we are figuring out more ways that Hobonichi and Stalogy go together every day. The Stalogy A6 1/2 Year notebook makes the perfect companion book if you use the Hobonichi Techo as a planner. You can jot down extra notes or a shopping list in the Stalogy and have it fit perfectly alongside your Techo. Even better if you use one of the A6 Techo covers, you can out the Stalogy A6 inside and have both books on hand whenever you need them.

Hobonichi and Stalogy Items

In addition, the Hobonichi cover has two handy ribbon bookmarks, so you can keep one in each book to keep your place. The butterfly pen loops on the cover are the perfect size for your favourite Stalogy pen, be it water-based, oil-based or four function.

And of course, masking dots and sticky notes make ideal companions for both of these notebooks. Use the 5mm masking dots to mark important meetings in your planner, or to check off tasks once they’re done. The writable sticky notes are great for jotting down notes that you need to move around in your planner as the adhesive can be peeled and stuck multiple times without leaving a sticky mark. The Hobonichi covers also have a plethora of pockets and pouches to keep your masking dots and sticky notes on hand.

Whether you plan out your life weeks in advance, or simply make plans as you go the Hobonichi Techo is sure to offer you the flexibility you need. You can see our full range of covers and the week-to-view ‘weeks’ diary here.

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