Night Book – A Beautiful Light From Japan


You may or may not have seen out newest product – the Night Book. This beautiful Japanese Light is award winning, and for good reason. The Night Book sits hidden amongst the books on your shelf, but when you pull it out the LED panel softly illuminates the room.

Night Book

Designed by Tokyo duo Iwamatsu Naoaki and Maeda Takaaki who form the design company akii, the light has a modern, yet minimal style. The light has no external seams or screws, and with its embossed leather spine it truly does look like a book. After years of manufacturing products for other companies, Y.S.M Inc. wanted to show their skill and expert craftsmanship and so partnered up with akii to manufacture the Night Book. With a completely seamless appearance, the size of an A5 notebook and only 1.5 cm thick the Night Book really is a testament to their expertise.

Night Book by Y.S.M Inc. from Nishura East on Vimeo.


With such a sleek design and construction, it’s hardly surprising that the Night Book was featured by both Dezeen and designboom.

Each Night Book is handmade, with the skilled craftsmen expertly bending and welding the metal, and a leather expert embossing and attaching the spine to the acrylic LED panel. You can find out more about the designers vision for the Night Book in this article .

I hope you find the Night Book as beautiful and inspiring as we do! You can visit the product page here.



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