NishuraEast is making you an offer you can’t refuse…

NishuraEast is making you an offer you can’t refuse…

Written by Sophie, May 2021

To celebrate the arrival of the 2021 Limited Edition Stalogy notebooks, as well as the arrival of spring (although you wouldn’t be able to tell with the weather we’ve been having lately…) we are offering some free Stalogy gifts to you, our wonderful NishuraEast customers!


With all purchases of £30 or higher, you’ll receive a pack of Stalogy’s fantastic 20mm masking dots (RRP £8!). The colour you receive will be a surprise, but as all the colours are great, it’ll be a wonderful surprise! From the metallic shuffle prize, to the pastel shuffle ice cream, the nature-toned shuffle tree, or the bright shuffle neon. You can use these dots to create or decorate just about anything. Why not check out our Instagram story highlights for some masking dot art inspiration (@nishura_east)!


For all of you who make an order of £50 or more, we’ll upgrade your free gift from masking dots to our NishuraEast exclusive Stalogy canvas tote bag. In a stylish grey colour this tote fits A4 documents, or a laptop, and has thick straps for easy carrying. The tote is sturdy, made from a heavyweight cotton, and has a flat base so it stands up on its own. Ideal for carrying your papers to work or carrying your picnic to the park! In fact we love this tote bag so much, we even sell it (for £20) so be sure to get yours for free while the offer is on!


To sum it up: spend £30 – free Stalogy 20mm masking dots, spend £50 – free Stalogy canvas tote bag! Shopping on NishuraEast has never been better!





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