Our Exclusive Stalogy Products

Written by Sophie, February 2021

You might have noticed that we’ve added a few new products recently and that some have a red star on their picture. That’s because NishuraEast carries the full range of Stalogy, as well as some exclusive products not available anywhere else.

The removable weekly calendars are one of these products. Available in two sizes they can be stuck into any of our Stalogy notebooks, or any other notebook, to turn it into a weekly planner. They are great for keeping track of home-schooling schedules or zoom meetings whilst working from home. These removable calendars (that are also available in a monthly format) are perfect for modifying your notebook.

Also exclusive to NishuraEast are the large transparent sticky notes, which come as plain or gridded versions. Made from a strong polypropylene they are more than twice the width of our other transparent sticky notes. This makes them perfect for annotating papers, or leaving notes in books, without obscuring what’s underneath.

Why not browse the full range of Stalogy products – every colour and size of Editor’s series notebooks (both 365 day and ½ year), as well as every colour of mechanical pencil, and pen (with two different types of ink available!), all the masking dots, sticky notes and so much more all available here.

We are always updating the products on NishuraEast, so just watch this space for more exclusive items.