Our Wonderful Porcelain Cups from Yukiko Kitahara


Earlier this year we visited the Maison et Objet trade show in Paris, seeking out new products to add to our collection. While there we were lucky enough to come across Yukiko Kitahara and her exquisite porcelain creations. Fast forward a few months and we have added some of her beautiful cups and jewellery to Nishura East!

Yukiko Kitahara Workshop

About Yukiko

Yukiko Kitahara was born in 1970 at the foot of Mount Fuji, in Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture. Born into a family of Tokyo sushi chefs, she learnt about the importance of tableware in Japanese Cuisine at a young age, and how food is enjoyed with all five senses. The first of which is sight – the appearance, the composition, and the relationship between the plate and the food.

She first studied cooking in Yamanashi, and then moved to Aichi prefecture, home to some of the most renowned ceramic schools in Japan. After completing her studies at the Professional Technical School of Ceramics in Aichi, and the School of Ceramics in Seto. Yukiko then moved to Spain where she studied at the University of Arts of Granada, and the School of Arts and Crafts of Motril. Over the next 10 years she completed various ceramic workshops, many of which she was awarded scholarships for. Yukiko set up her company, Taller Kúu S.C, with her husband in 2015. Her work has been featured in many publications, such as Architectural Digest France and Elle Spain.

Yukiko Kitahara develops her product with the soul and strength of her adopted land, Seville, and the delicacy and care of her Japanese origins. This translates into the use of white porcelain with which she seeks to reach the essential, under the general motto teinei na seikatsu, a Japanese phrase that roughly translates as “live neatly”. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we have to pause to create a moment of relaxation, peace and harmony – where we connect with our inner selves and our environment in a balanced way.

Yukiko’s Work


Yukiko’s main collection is called Usar y No Tirar – Use and (do not) throw away.

The pieces are designed to mimic single use items, like plastic cups, milk cartons and paper trays, to which she adds artistic and decorative elements, blending manmade and natural objects. The collection invites us to reflect on our use of disposable objects, and Yukiko hopes to inspire a change in consumer habits.

It won a Spanish National Craft Award, and Yukiko was also selected by the Michelangelo Foundation as an outstanding representative of Spanish craftsmanship.

We are thrilled to offer you four different pieces from this collection – the small Rabbit Cup and Horse Cup, and the larger Cow Coffee Cup and Sheep Coffee Cup. Each comes with a signed certificate from Yukiko, which has the date it was made, as well as its number in the batch.

Yukiko CupsWe also have the Dove Tea Cup and Saucer, part of her “live with care” collection, which comes with a gorgeous stirrer that resembles a branch.

And if you want to take Yukiko’s art with you wherever you go, we have four pin brooches – a dove, a rabbit, a dog and a cat, as well as a pair of dove earrings.

Yukiko’s work is utterly exquisite, and as she makes each piece by hand in her Seville studio, you know that love and care has gone into everything she makes!

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