A4 Note Sheet-pad – Landscape


100 sheets

Simple report pad with 5mm grid lines & a white border on all four sides. Ideal when planning schedules and organising thoughts.
Opens completely flat, allowing for the most comfortable writing and saving space. With numbers in the margins, which is helpful for calculating.



Cover – Paper, Sheet – Paper

Ethical Transport

FSC Paper

Low Stock

SKU: S4201
Categories: Notebooks, Stationery
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Stálogy is a design classic, a stationery brand that embodies Japan’s heritage of beautiful materials and history of paper, and has transformed it for the 21st century through the eyes of the design guru Manabu Mizuno. There’s a pure pleasure in using Stálogy notebooks, pens, memo pads and sticky notes, that flows from the choice...


As one of the world’s great cities, and a centre for Japanese and Asian culture, Tokyo is known for its historic shrines and temples, as well as historic performing art…
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