Marukyu Koyamaen – Genmai Green Tea from Kyoto


Our genmai tea is produced by Koyama-en in Kyoto. Koyama-en is one of the most prestigious tea makers in Japan, they have been producing green tea since the 17th Century. We import these teas directly from Kyoto.

Genmai cha (tea) is a blend of premium roasted brown rice and green tea, that has both smokey and fresh flavours. The unique combination of roasted rice and green tea leaves is soothing – perfect for the end of the day.

Our genmai tea is sold loose – we prefer loose teas as they are environmentally friendly, and the tea leaves and brown rice can swim freely in the pot, for maximum flavour and fragrance. You can taste the smokey flavour with a hint of bitterness, whilst still enjoying the elegant flavour of green tea.

This is a perfect gift for the green tea lover looking to try something new, or maybe you’ll want to keep it for yourself!

How to Make Perfect Genmai Tea:

  1. Put the tea leaves in your favourite tea pot. For 3 servings use 2 level tablespoons of tea (about 7-9 g). This can be adjusted to taste.
  2. Fill 3 small tea cups about 80% full with boiling water (about 60ml per cup). Let this cool to around 70°C. A lower temperature produces a milder and more well-rounded flavour, whilst a higher temperature brings out the sharper and more bitter flavours of the tea. If you prefer a sharper taste, only let the water cool to around 85°C.
  3. Pour the water from the cups into the teapot, and let the tea infuse for about one minute. If you are using hotter water, the infusion can be cut down to 30 seconds
  4. Pour the tea into the 3 cups evenly so everyone experiences the same taste. Pour out all the tea, don’t leave any behind in the pot.
  5. For a second infusion, use hotter water than before, and leave the tea leaves to steep for just 10 seconds before pouring. You should experience a different flavour to the tea this time around.

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Marukyu Koyamaen

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