Hobonichi 2024 is now at Nishura East!

[PRE-ORDER] Hobonichi – 2024 Weeks, Tomitaro Makino: Shihai Sumire

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The iconic Hobonichi Weeks 2024 is now available at Nishura East!

This narrow Weeks book is light, hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends. The front cover is filled with a highly detailed botanical illustration of a Shihai Sumire drawn by Tomitaro Makino. The rough cloth cover is inspired from the image of a canvas.

  • Language: English
  • Pages: 240 pages
  • Paper: Tomoe River paper – Thin & light-weight paper.
  • Start of Week: Monday
  • Yearly Index: Jan – Dec 2024 (2 Pages)
  • Monthly Calendar: Dec 2023 – Mar 2025 (32 Pages)
  • Week-to-view Layout: 27th Nov 2023 – 5th Jan 2025
  • Graph Paper Size: 3.55 mm
  • 73 Gridded Memo Pages


About Dr Tomitaro Makino

Born April 24, 1862 in present-day Sakawa Town, Kochi Prefecture. Raised in the rich natural surroundings of Tosa City, he began to study botany independently as a young child. Moved to Tokyo and devoted himself to botanical research through the Department of Botany at Tokyo University’s Faculty of Science.
Founded “The Botanical Magazine” with a close friend; they collaborated to publish their discovery of the flowering plant Yamatogusa in 1889. Collected over 400000 specimens during his 94-year lifespan, and named over 1500 discovered species. Known as the “Father of Japanese Botany.”


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