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Ippodo – Iribancha | Smoky Green Tea


Ippodo has been producing tea and tea in Kyoto since 1717 and is one of the most respected tea makers in Japan. They have teahouses across Japan as well as in New York. They not only sell top quality tea, but are also very active in communicating great stories and flavours of tea and tea culture around the world.

Iribancha, also called Kyobancha, is known for its unique smoky aroma and its refreshing flavour. It is produced by roasting green tea leaves flat until they start to smoke. People in Kyoto have long enjoyed Iribancha with meals and throughout the day to stay hydrated. Since it has less caffeine than other green teas, people also drink it in the evening to relax.

How to Make Perfect Iribancha:

  1. Add a tea bag to a 400ml of freshly boiled water.

  2. Steep for 5 minutes, and then remove the teabag.

  3. Sit back and enjoy your tea!

1 pack contains 18 tea bags. 126g Net.

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Located in the heart of Kyoto, the Ippodo Tea Company has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea since 1717. Unusually, Ippodo is directly involved in the procurement as well as the blending of carefully selected tea leaves.