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Ippodo – Kuki Hojicha | Roasted Stems Tea


Our new selection of tea from well established tea maker Ippodo.

Made from the roasted stems of the tea leaves, these Kuki Hojicha tea bags are ideal for brewing both hot and cold. The roasted flavour is both rich and refreshing, and as Kuki Hojicha is very low in caffeine, it is a fantastic tea to enjoy in the evening.

Ippodo has been producing tea and tea in Kyoto since 1717 and is one of the most respected tea makers in Japan. They have teahouses across Japan as well as in New York. They not only sell top quality tea, but are also very active in communicating great stories and flavours of tea and tea culture around the world.

Just add one of the tea bags to a litre of water (either hot or cold) and leave to steep. You’ll have a pitcher of barley tea that the whole family can enjoy.

1 pack contains 9 tea bags (7g each). 63g Net.

Only 3 left in stock


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