Masking Dots, Shuffle Pale


Spray Blue, Rose Purple & Sweet Violet

Perfect for labelling and classifying

Thin yet strong Japanese paper

Removes cleanly & easily.


φ 5 mm: 630 dots (1 Sheet 126 dots × 5 sheets)

φ 8 mm: 600 dots (1 Sheet 60 dots × 10 sheets)

φ 16 mm: 180 dots (1 Sheet 18 dots × 10 sheets)

φ 20 mm: 150 dots (1 Sheet 15 dots × 10 sheets)



Japanese paper (washi)


Ethical Transport

Categories: Masking dots, Stationery


Stálogy is a design classic, a stationery brand that embodies Japan’s heritage of beautiful materials and history of paper, and has transformed it for the 21st century through the eyes of the design guru Manabu Mizuno. There’s a pure pleasure in using Stálogy notebooks, pens, memo pads and sticky notes, that flows from the choice...


As one of the world’s great cities, and a centre for Japanese and Asian culture, Tokyo is known for its historic shrines and temples, as well as historic performing art…
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