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Shin Edo Zome- Circle Patterned Tenugui Cloth


Tenugui are traditional Japanese towels, that have so many different uses – fold it into a small pouch for your glasses or use it as a place mat. It is as beautiful as it is practical.

Available in a choice of two patterns, these tenugui have been produced by Shinedozome in Tokyo. Founded in 1902, all the fabric is hand-dyed by a small team of artisans.

Choose between the ‘square-cirles’ of the burgundy Maru ni Masume pattern, and the falling snowflakes of Yukiwa Chirashi.

There are also flower patterns and small patterns available.

All the prints are traditional Japanese patterns found on Yukata, cotton summer Kimono. Shinedozome uses a dyeing technique called chusen, which uses paper stencils called ‘ise katagami’ that have been designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan.

Tenugui have been around since the Heian era (794-1185 A.D.). Originally used for ceremonies and considered a very luxurious item, as the mass production of cloth was invented tenugui became more popular and were soon staples of Japanese households.

These 100% cotton, hand-dyed cloths have a myriad of uses. The fabric comes with a pattern to make an Azuma Bag – perfect for carrying a bento box, or other items. But that needn’t be the only option. You can fold your tenugui into a headband or scarf. Turn it into a small pouch perfect for glasses or a phone. You can even use your tenugui as a place mat, or tea towel.

As they are 100% cotton, tenugui can be washed time and time again, with the fabric only becoming softer. Tenugui really is such a versatile and sustainable material.


Approximately 90 cm x 34 cm


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