Stalogy – Matcha Green A5 1/2 Year Notebook


The 2021 Limited Edition Stalogy Notebooks have arrived at NishuraEast. 

The Stalogy Editor’s Series 365 Day Notebooks are design classics and won the 2020 Independent ‘Indy Best Buy’ award. Their pure styling means they can be used as a journal, day planner or sketchbook, and they have discreet details of times of day, dates, days of the week, and months to guide you on your way. So whatever your plans, they’re the perfect companion.

This is the Matcha Green 1/2 Year Notebook – two other limited edition colours are also available. Find out more about the Cobalt Blue and Smoky Grey 1/2 Year Notebooks.

We also have a full year version – The 365 Day Notebook. Find out more about the Smoky Grey , Cobalt Blue and Matcha Green 365 Day Notebooks.


Personalise Your Notebook

For added exclusivity you can personalise your notebook with stamped initials, in gold or silver lettering, with two or three letters. Just tick the box below.


Size: A5 (96 sheets, 192 pages)

Grid Size:
A5 4mm x 4mm

Ethical Transport

FSC Paper

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