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Kyoya Dye House – Tenugui Wrapping Cloth


Tenugui are traditional Japanese cloths, that have so many different uses – fold it into a small pouch for your glasses or use it as a place mat. It is as beautiful as it is practical.

Tenugui have been around since the Heian era (794-1185 A.D.). Originally used for ceremonies and considered a very luxurious item, as the mass production of cloth was invented tenugui became more popular and were soon staples of Japanese households.

These 100% cotton, hand-dyed cloths have a myriad of uses. The fabric comes with a pattern to make an Azuma Bag – perfect for carrying a bento box, or other items. But that needn’t be the only option. You can fold your tenugui into a headband or scarf. Turn it into a small pouch perfect for glasses or a phone. You can even use your tenugui as a place mat, or tea towel.

As they are 100% cotton, tenugui can be washed time and time again, with the fabric only becoming softer. Tenugui really is such a versatile and sustainable material.

Available in a choice of 5 patterns, our tenugui have been produced by the Kyoya Dye House in Iwate prefecture. Founded in 1918, all the fabric is dyed by a small team of artisans.


Approximately 100 cm x 34 cm / 39 inches x 13 inches


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