Stalogy – The Cornwall Set


A bundle of our favourite blue Stalogy products. The 1/2 year notebook is perfect for jotting notes on the go, and the sticky notes make sure you won’t forget a thing. The masking dots are great for securing things in your notebook, as well as fantastic for decorating.

The bundle contains:

  • Blue 1/2 Year Notebook, A6
  • Circular Masking Tape Patches ø20 mm, Shuffle Earth
  • Writable Sticky Notes, 50 x 50 mm, Set B

If purchased individually RRP £34

Categories: Masking Dots, Mother's Day Gift Collection, Notebooks, Stationery, Sticky Notes
Tag: Giapponese cartoleria, Japanese Stationery, Japanische Schreibwaren, Minimal Design, Papelería Japonesa, Papeterie Japonaise, Sticky Notes, Stylish Stationery



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