Redecorate with HARU

Redecorate with HARU

Written by Sophie, March 2021

I want to redecorate my room. Hardly a difficult thing, I’m pretty used to picking up a paint roller, and choosing a new colour. I’m happy with the current colour though, I just want to brighten and change it up a bit.

I thought maybe wallpapering one wall would work – peel and stick wallpaper was the obvious choice but is surprisingly expensive, and I don’t trust myself with traditional wallpapering. Naturally HARU stuck-on design came to mind. Not only would it be a more affordable option, but I could really personalise the design. It would also be entirely removable and wouldn’t damage the walls (perfect for renters).

My colleague Ai decorated her room with HARU washi tape, and it looks really amazing. I love how you can select exactly the colours you want from the range, from neons to pastels and everything in between. The HARU artists that have decorated the Nishura Studio also gave me a lot of inspiration. I love the bars that Sarah Emily Porter uses for her work, and Fiona Grady’s colour palette for ‘London Style’ looks really bright, but also sophisticated.


There are a few ways of working with HARU. You can either stick it straight to the wall and then cut it with scissors (as Ai did), or you can stick it to a cutting mat, and use a Stanley knife to cut out more detailed shapes.

Layering the tapes allows you to get more depth and even create new colours. The OPP tapes are also perfect for adding more character, as they can be layered on top of coloured tape. The Traditional Japanese patterns are my favourites, especially 02 and 04 – the asanoha and hexagon designs.

This dresser is also a really good example of how you can make furniture more interesting, without having to completely repaint it – it’s very low commitment as well, as you can peel off the tape to remove it.

Chest decorated with HARU washi tape


I’ll definitely keep you updated when/if I actually decorate!


Get inspired with the full range of HARU stuck-on design tape.

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