The 2021 Stalogy Limited Edition Notebooks are Coming Soon!

The 2021 Stalogy Limited Edition Notebooks are Coming Soon!

Written by Sophie, March 2021

For spring 2021, Stalogy are introducing three new limited edition colours of their popular A5 Editor’s Series Notebooks.

Available in three new and exciting colours: Cobalt Blue, Matcha Green and Smoky Grey. They come in two different sizes: 365 Day Notebook, with 368 gridded pages, and 1/2 Year Notebook, with 192 gridded pages.

Just like Stalogy’s permanent collection, they can be personalised with up to three embossed letters in either gold or silver. They also feature the same ultra-thin, non-bleed paper as Stalogy’s other notebooks. With the thin grey grid on each page and discreet dating system, they can be used as a diary, weekly planner or for bullet journaling; it’s entirely up to you.

Stalogy never disappoints with their limited edition colours and 2021 is no exception. The 2020 colours, beige, navy and dark grey were simple and sophisticated, whereas 2021 has a slightly brighter, more springlike feel – perfect for all of us as we begin to come out of lockdown and look forward to better times.

We can’t wait for the new colours to get here. Be sure to follow us on instagram @nishura_east to be the first to know when they arrive.

Stalogy Limited Edition Notebook Cobalt Blue   Stalogy Limited Edition Notebook Smoky Grey   Stalogy Limited Edition Notebook Matcha Green

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