The Notebook to Keep in your Pocket

The Notebook to Keep in your Pocket

Written by Sophie, February 2021

One of the most useful products that Stalogy makes are their editor’s memo pads. Designed with the writer on the go in mind, they can be held in one hand and written in with the other. The pages can then be torn from the pad and are adhesive, so can be stuck into books, on papers, on maps, on the fridge and anywhere else you can stick stuff. It’s literally a cross between a notebook and sticky notes, two things that Stalogy do well.

The memo pads have a bright cover that cleverly tucks into the top edge, to keep the pad closed and the paper inside clean. There are three paper styles available: plain, lined or gridded, and the cover colour is different depending on the style you choose (perfect for telling them apart if you have more than one).

I think these memo pads are perfect for authors – you could be on a walk and get a sudden flash of inspiration and be able to write it down, and then stick it in your manuscript. The same holds for a journalist or even an academic. I think that a filmmaker would also find these memo pads incredibly useful, you could plan your shots and then stick the notes to a map or story board.

Not that we can really go anywhere at the moment, but I think this pad would be very useful on holiday. You could use it for shopping lists or to plan which sights to see – ripping out the pages and annotating a guidebook.

I really think that everybody would find these memo pads useful – keep a notebook in your pocket and see what you write down.

You can buy the Stalogy Editor’s Memo Pads here.


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