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We’ve got some fantastic new teas from Ippodo, just in time for summer! Ippodo was established in Kyoto in 1717, and have been producing incredible matcha and green tea ever since. They now sell tea across Japan, as well as having famous teahouses in Tokyo, Kyoto and New York. We’re thrilled to be able to bring more of their exceptional tea to the UK and Europe.

First we have Ummon no Mukashi, the highest grade of ceremonial matcha tea that Ippodo sells outside of Japan. If you love matcha then you need to try this tea! It has a full yet mellow flavour, that has the perfect umami balance. This is a tea for the most discerning palates, for real connoisseurs of matcha.

Two bowls of matcha tea with a whisk

We also have a fantastic organic matcha from Ippodo as well. The tea leaves are grown according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard and as such are certified organic. This tea has a strong flavour, with a hint of bitterness at the end which would make it perfect for matcha lattes. Why not try one with organic soy or almond milk?

As well as these two matcha teas, we have also added two other teas, which are brand new to NishuraEast – hojicha and mugicha. Hojicha is made from green tea leaves, that are roasted over charcoal to give them a rich, toasted flavour without any bitterness. When brewed, the leaves produce a golden tea that is surprisingly light given how much flavour it imparts. The roasting process removes a lot of the caffeine from the leaves, so this tea can be enjoyed by both young and old, morning or night. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, and the same leaves can ne brewed up to three times!

A cup of brewed Hojicha

Finally, the Ippodo mugicha. Mugicha is barley tea, made from coarsely cracked grains of roasted barley. The taste of this tea is difficult to describe – its nutty and roasted, and with a flavour that is reminiscent of coffee. Even better its entirely caffeine free, so would make a great coffee substitute if you’re trying to cut back. Mugicha makes the perfect summer drink. Simply put one of the tea bags in a pitcher of room temperature water and let it steep for an hour. Then you can keep the pitcher in the fridge and enjoy a refreshing glass of barley tea whenever you get thirsty!


We’re so exciting to bring you these new teas from Ippodo, and we hope you give them a try. In fact all our teas at NishuraEast can be enjoyed hot or cold, making them perfect for this everchanging summer weather we’re having.

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