Using Yuzen

Using Yuzen

Written by Sophie, March 2021

I’ve been admiring our beautiful yuzen paper recently and wondering how I would use it. I was one of those children who bought stickers, but never used them because I could never decide what to stick them on. I always had to make sure that if something was ‘important’ enough to use them on! Even now, all the free samples you get when you buy make up or skincare, I save up just in case. I feel this is similar to what a lot of people might feel when they look at the yuzen paper – “It’s too beautiful to use” or “what if I ruin it?”.

Made from Japanese paper – washi –  yuzen paper is printed with beautiful, seasonal patterns with fine golden detailing. In Japan it is traditionally used for gift wrapping, lining boxes and book binding. Whilst these would all be brilliant uses, I think our yuzen paper would make lovely art.

A few sheets of the paper in complimentary colours of patterns could be framed and arranged together. Add a few other Japanese pictures, maybe a Hokusai print or two, and you could make a Japanese inspired gallery wall. You could even use the yuzen paper for origami and frame the resulting creations. There are so many people on etsy selling origami art and with beautiful paper you could easily recreate it yourself.

                                                      Yuzen Paper                                          Yuzen Paper

I have to say that my favourite yuzen paper sets are the Fans & Cherry-blossom and the Plover & Flowers (although the others are all beautiful as well). The patterns are similar to those found on kimono, with birds and flowers heavily featured.


What art can you create with our Yuzen Paper?

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