Why is Writing so Great with Stalogy?

Why is Writing so Great with Stalogy?

Written by Sophie, February 2021

With days working from home spent behind a screen, and not a whole lot else to do at the moment, I’ve found myself trying to use screens less often. For example, reading paper books rather than using a tablet, I now own an alarm clock so don’t use my phone alarm, and I’m trying to write more rather than typing or using my phone.

I’ve always found writing things down makes them stick in your mind more. At university if I handwrote my notes, I’d actually remember them during the exam, and I always find that if you handwrite a shopping list then, even if you leave it at home, you remember what you need to buy when you’re at the supermarket. The pens and pencils from Stalogy really do make writing enjoyable. There’s none of that scribbling at the beginning to try and get the ink flowing each time you want to use it.

With its sleek, non-slip barrel, available in four colours, the Stalogy ball point pens are perfect for journalists, authors, editors and anyone else who writes a lot.

The pen itself is stylish, but minimal – typical of Stalogy’s style. It has been designed with function at the forefront, and it shows. It glides smoothly over paper, leaving a thin and even line of ink. It’s even smudge proof. And with refills available for all of their pens, you can feel good about buying one. Stalogy’s pens write like far more expensive pens. And to top it off Stalogy created two different inks, oil-based and water-based; you know that they know writing.

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, lighter pens are actually more uncomfortable to write with. Stalogy researched this extensively and have made their pens the perfect weight to allow you to keep writing comfortably and prevent hand cramps. The attention to detail is what sets Stalogy’s products apart.

You can see our full range of Stalogy pens, and refills, here.


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