The trip to Japan and Japanese gardens

It is now the time to enjoy Spring and cherry blossoms in Japan. I was supposed to going there on Monday 16th March. However I’ve had to postpone my trip and I won’t be seeing any Japanese cherry blossoms this year. Cancelling my trip is a small sacrifice considering the massive impact that coronavirus has had on so many people, but it is still sad for me not to see those fresh cherry blossoms. 

 So, I thought I would share some of last year’s cherry blossoms from the gardens in Tokyo and Kyoto, just to cheer everyone up.

My latest favourite Japanese garden is Tofukuji in Kyoto. Tofukuji is famous for autumn leaves, so there still might be the chance to visit it in autumn this year. The best part of this garden is Mr. Shigemori’s 1939 version of Zen garden. It is a supreme piece of art for me. It is also not too busy, as Tofukuji is quite far from the centre of Kyoto. I was alone when I went there in the Spring of 2019, which created a very special and meditative experience for me.

We cannot travel freely at this moment, but I hope sometime soon we will soon be free like birds! 

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