Nishura EAST

Nishura EAST has a mission to bring to you some of the most beautiful and delightful cultural products from Japan. Making them available with an online service that is efficient, helpful and captivating.

Our Story

Over centuries Japan has cultivated ways of living that honour artists and craftsmen, prizing acts of making and natural materials, and relishing ways of using made objects. They have found great beauty in everyday creations, and made beautiful creations for everyday life.

Nishura was founded in 2012 by Keiko Uchida, a Japanese woman living in London. 9 years on we aim to introduce beautiful Japanese items to the west, using four main principles.

We choose only well made products, made with top quality materials, in as sustainable a way as possible. We aim to bring products that are durable and will last and be loved for a long time.

We want to support and preserve the traditional Japanese craft industry. We work directly with makers and are always looking to find new craftspeople to work with. Your purchase will help to preserve these crafts, and make it so that small craft studios can train a new generation of makers, and pass on their precious skills. This is particularly important with Japan’s aging society.

We choose only elegant products that make us happy. Our everyday lives should be enhanced by the beauty of everyday things.

We value honest and kind customer service. We are a small team and do not use computer programmes or AI to answer your questions. You can come and visit our showroom/shop in London, near Notting Hill. We can also talk to you over the phone or by email. We value person to person communication.  We would love to hear from you.