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NishuraEast’s mission is about finding and offering beautiful, useful and interesting cultural products from Japan. At the heart of this are the brands we work with, and an impressive array of artists, crafts people, designers, and skilled professionals.

The brands we select reflect the creation of the amazing cultural development of Japan – its diversity, its love of natural materials and the environment, and its wealth of traditional creative skills.

Our mission is a living and evolving thing, and the flow of new objects and brands is a continuing journey. We hope you will share our enjoyment as NishuraEast grows, and here you can take the chance to find out more about what our brands have to offer.

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Japan is a country of regions and islands, with many different cultural and artistic styles and traditions associated with particular areas. Geography is a key factor, as the country stretches from the cold snowy north (the Island of Hokkaido) to the sub-tropical south (the Ryukyu Islands).