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With summer just around the corner, we’re in for some glorious hot days again soon. But that could also be a health challenge, and it will be important to keep properly hydrated. The NHS recommends at least 1.2 litres of sugar-free liquid a day. It would be great to be choosing a drink that’s not only delicious and satisfying, but one that’s healthy too. 

One of the most popular teas in the summer months in Japan is Mugicha, a barley tea made from coarsely cracked grains of roasted barley. While it is completely caffeine-free, it also has a nutty, roasted flavour reminiscent of coffee, so it’s a perfect coffee substitute if you’re cutting back on caffeine. For drinking on hot days, you can brew it with cold water, which is really refreshing. Ippodo makes a Mugicha tea that comes in large tea bags, which can make up to 1 litre of tea. For cold tea, simply leave one tea bag in a jug of cool water and let it brew for at least an hour. A healthy, refreshing and delicious summer drink! 



Ippodo is one of the most respected tea merchants and makers in Kyoto, and was established in 1717. They are famous for their top-quality teas, and we are delighted to be working closely with them, so that we are able to choose some of their finest products to offer on Nishura EAST. 

Another choice for summer, and another tea from Ippodo, is Ikuyo no Mukashi. This is perfect to enjoy iced matcha. You’ll need 2g (1 tsp) of matcha and then add 60ml of hot water (around 80 degrees Celsius). Then mix well and add 1-3 ice cubes. It’s well-balanced taste and refreshing aroma are sure to give you a summery start to the day!



Iri-bancha’ (or Kyo-bancha) is Kyoto’s Bancha, and one of the most well-known local teas in Japan. ‘Iri’ refers to the roasting process, and as the name suggests, the tea leaves are roasted over a fire until they become smoky. This gives the tea a wonderful aroma, like a bonfire, which you can smell in every corner of Kyoto. Why not try this famous Ippodo tea this summer?

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