Matcha tea & White chocolate

I have to confess that I have never tasted a matcha latte. I have been practicing the Japanese tea ceremony for 30 years now, and have been drinking matcha tea for a long long time. Matcha tea, I believe, deserves a certain respect, and shouldn’t really have rich milk on top. Matcha latte is not quite the right thing. Of course, matcha itself is quite bitter and it’s understandable to want to combine it with something softer or sweeter. So I have my own suggestions for those tempted by matcha latte! 

 Why not try white chocolate with your matcha tea? Traditionally, Japanese people have sweets before taking matcha tea (which they have without milk or sugar) which gives them the best balance between sweetness and the bitterness and of the tea. I find that white chocolate’s sweetness works wonderfully well with matcha tea. My great new discovery and latest favorite is white chocolate with wild berries from @rococochocolate.

Because we don’t put rich milk in the actual matcha tea, it allows us to fully enjoy the quality of tea, and then also enjoy the delicious flavours of the white chocolate and wild berries! 

I enjoy the traditional tea ceremony with Japanese ceramics, and also sometimes have a nice matcha shot in the morning in one of my espresso cups. Whichever you prefer, there’s nothing like doing it properly with top quality matcha tea from Kyoto and a bamboo whisk. 

You can enjoy matcha tea with or without milk of course. From our Koyama-en matcha collection, I recommend Aoarashi for those tempted by the idea of matcha latte, and Kitsho or Kinrin for the purists’ matcha tea. If you are not good at caffeine, we also have a low caffeine matcha tea. As well as that, there is also a cooking matcha tea for bakers!

All these teas are freshly imported from Kyoto and have just come in to our online shop. 

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