New matcha tea has arrived from Ippodo Kyoto.

I hope you and your family and friends are well and healthy during this very unusual time. I am struggling a little to manage my daily life in the ‘new normal’, and as a tea lover, I am drinking great amount of tea all day long. 
Coincidentally, we have received some brand new matcha teas from Ippodo Kyoto. Ippodo is has been one of the finest tea makers in Kyoto for over 300 years. I was practicing the tea ceremony with Koyamaen and Ippodo’s teas for 30 years. So I am especially pleased to now stock Ippodo on top of Koyamaen! 

During the summer it is particularly nice to have some iced tea. So I have imported some specially for this season. Our Ima Mukashi is great for having iced matcha tea. You can just put Ima Mukashi and cold water into the water bottle and shake it up, so you do not need a bamboo whisk to mix it. It is a great thing to enjoy on a hot summer day, and - as you know - matcha contains large amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants called catechins, so drinking matcha tea also means becoming beautiful and healthy!
Hatsu Mukashi is particularly good for matcha latte lovers. You make matcha tea twice as strong as usual, and then add ice and lukewarm milk or soymilk. I like slightly sweet soymilk for matcha latte. 

Finally, if you are a serious matcha tea lover, I would like to recommend Shoin no Mukashi to taste. You can taste its elegant flavour, smell and after-taste, and also taste some sweetness as well as umami. 

All teas are freshly imported and available on our online shop. So, enjoy the rest of summer and matcha tea! 

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