A New Start for a New Year

Happy New Year! 

I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 

New Year is a particularly special time in Japan, where I come from. There, everyone goes to a shrine to pray for good health and happiness for all. When we were young, I went with my father, brother and sister just after midnight, and it was such a treat. My mother was at home with a special sweet sake to warm us up afterwards. I was remembering this specially this year, when health and happiness is so important for us all. 

Of course this last year has not been easy, and things in London have been particularly difficult. As I am a big tea lover, I want to recommend that a great way of slowing and calming down, is with a cup of green tea or matcha tea. I am happy to say we were able to imported the very best premium matcha tea and bamboo whisks from Kyoto in December.  

From our collection, Eiju matcha tea is the very best, where you can experience the Umami taste at its fullest, where it is almost sweet. If you prefer a slightly more bitter taste, then Unkaku tea has some Umami as well as a small level of bitterness. Unkaku achieved ‘The Best Taste’ award at The International Tea Competition in Hong Kong in 2018. As a rule, the better teas have a brighter green colour, as they are cultivated under the heavy shade, and grow very slowly. It is this process that creates the Umami taste.   


I have now decided to run a Tea Ceremony Webinar, so do please join us! It should be a wonderful experience, and a peaceful time having tea together. 

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