New Year, New Healthy lifestyle

Happy New Year 2022!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year.

I thought a lot about my wellbeing and living a healthy lifestyle during my holiday break. I love cooking all sorts of food and although I am not a vegetarian, I am incorporating more and more fresh fruits and vegetables into my cooking. I dream of having my own vegetable garden one day too. It must be so rewarding to plant, grow and cook fresh vegetables from your own garden. According to the wonderful book Ikigai, research shows that many people who live long and happy lives have a vegetable garden and get benefits from their garden – both physical and mental. What would you grow in your vegetable garden? I would like to grow so many things, but I’d start with shiso (Chinese basil), mizuna, chives, sweetcorn, French beans, kale, and asparagus. Lots of green vegetables!

As you probably know I am a little bit obsessed with matcha. I drink it every day. It is a very earthy drink and I feel connected to nature when drinking matcha. On top of that I can slow down and calm down when I am mixing my matcha with the bamboo whisk, so I always take 15 minutes to make and enjoy matcha whenever I feel stressed or tired.

 We all know how difficult it has been to meet up with our family and friends, especially if you away from your home like myself. It has really affected all of our mental health, even if some people may not realise it. Matcha was used as a medicine in 12th century Japan. It contains large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants, so it might make a good everyday companion for you this new year. To celebrate 2022, I am offering 10% off all our ceremonial matcha tea for limited time. I hope it will help you both mentally and physically!


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