Why you should invest in a Chasen Stand

If you have ever tried to make matcha at home, you know it’s almost impossible to get the signature frothy foam without a chasen – a traditional bamboo whisk. Not all whisks are created equal however, and the number of tines (the little prongs) that your whisk has is a key factor in how well it whisks.

A chasen is made from a single piece of bamboo, that is painstakingly hand carved by a master craftsman. It really is quite incredible to watch one being made, and after seeing the amount of care that goes into each sliver of bamboo it stands to reason that you’d want your chasen to last as long as possible and stay in the best condition possible.  

That’s where the chasen stand comes in. This conical ceramic trinket looks rather like a confused egg cup, but when you add your chasen to the picture, its use soon becomes clear. The chasen stand is made in such a way that the inner tines of the chasen sit inside it, whilst the outer tines are spread and curved around its exterior. This holds the shape of the chasen as it dries, as well as protecting the tines from damage between use. Such a simple piece of pottery can double the life of your whisk. A good quality chasen makes a big difference to the preparation and taste of your matcha, and a good quality chasen can also be expensive. It makes perfect sense to invest in a chasen stand to keep it in top condition.

You may have noticed, we now have chasen stands for sale! These ceramic cones are made in Japan, and come in a tranquil shade of blue, perfect for helping you to relax whilst you make your tea. If you’re thinking of buying our chasen, or our premium chasen, definitely pick up a stand to accompany it!

Chasen Stand
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