Keiko Uchida Organic Matcha

We are pleased to announce that we are launching our very first own branded Keiko Uchida organic teas. On my travels I have been able to visit a great many tea makers and tea farmers across Japan, and tasted so many different teas. Now I think I have finally found two of my favourite, most wonderful tasting organic matcha teas. Ones that I am happy to put my name to. Getting an organic certificate in Japan is an extremely strict procedure, and you can lose your organic certificate very easily because of pollution, from car fumes or the leaking of fertilizer from a neighbour. In fact, there aren’t many who take the risk of being an organic tea farmer. Some of the best of them can be found near the top of a mountain or on an island.

I have tried many many organic teas in the past, some of them with quite bitter or difficult elements to their taste. I am proud to say that the two I have chosen as the new Keiko Uchida Organic Teas are absolutely delicious! And well worth trying.

 The Keiko Uchida Organic Matcha Wabisuke has some natural elements of sweet taste, so is excellent to have without milk, as well as being great for matcha latte lovers.

The Keiko Uchida Organic Matcha Uraku is perfect for matcha latte lovers, and I think works particularly well with organic oat milk.  

As you probably know, once you have opened the tin, it is better to keep the tea in the fridge.


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