Ohanami and Bento Box

Ever since the 18th century, Japanese people have travelled out to many parks and gardens, taking with them bento boxes, so that they can eat under the cherry blossom; something we still do every Spring. According to the Japanese government’s Ministry of Agriculture, Japanese omelette and fish cakes with boiled rice was a popular dish in the 18th century. It seems the menu hasn’t changed much in all those years!

Our Mage Wappa bento box has been developed in Japan since the early 10th century. Making them is such a practical and traditional craft! The wood itself has several unique points. As it is made from cedar wood, the bento box is designed to be breathable, so food can be kept in good condition, and doesn’t go soggy. Cedar wood also has a natural antibacterial effect – creating a positive environment for your food. And it is great news for those trying to avoid using plastic as much as they can. So why not have your own Ohanami this Spring, and fill up a Mage Wappa bento box when you go to the garden or the park. It will be a beautiful complement to the blossom, and such an elegant way to present your food. Even everyday dishes look nicer in a bento box!

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