Searching for Sakura

Spring is now here, and with spring comes Sakura. You’ve probably noticed the beautiful blossom beginning to fill trees, and petals scattered across the pavement. In Japan hanami, flower viewing, parties are all taking place at the moment, where people can picnic under the trees and enjoy the blossom. For obvious reasons, we can’t be in Japan to see the flowers, so we’ll have to make do with searching for sakura in London.


There are plenty of cherry trees all around the capital, with Holland Park, Greenwich Park and Regent’s Park all boasting an abundance of the trees, heavy with pink and white blooms. Kew Gardens also has some beautiful blossom trees, as well as lots of other beautiful flowers that are staring to bloom, particularly the magnolias!


Whilst it’s lovely to go to these parks that are full of cherry blossom trees, I also really enjoy coming across a lone cherry tree, be it in someone’s front garden, or lining the street. It’s so nice to see such lovely flowers as you go about your daily life. As many of us are working from home, going on a walk to see the blossom is a great way to get some fresh air and relax.

There is a great map from London on the Inside that shows you some of the great cherry blossom spots in London.

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