Spring tea events

We are collaborating with my good friend Aya, from Kichiya, for our first ever Japanese Afternoon Tea on Saturday 22nd April at 3:00pm. We have a few tickets left, so please come and join us! I serve Aya’s dorayaki pancakes quite often at my tea ceremony workshops and have gotten very good feedback from tea lovers. I personally think they work very well with usucha. Aya uses a dash of sake to make her chestnut ‘Mont Blanc’ dorayaki pancakes that epitomise her blend of French patisserie technique with the essence of Japan. We also serve some Sakura (cherry blossom) cake, which uses the petals of the “Kanzan” Cherry Tree. Kanzan is from the Yaezakura family, which means “multi layered cherry blossom” (a catch all term for cherry blossom with more than five petals per flower). Aya uses kanzan blossom as they give a wonderful colour to her Sakura cake!

We will also be serving matcha mille crepe cake, which is an all-time favourite at the Kichiya store!

 In May we’re running another collaboration with Kichiya, this time in east London. We’ve organised a Pop-Up Japanese Tea House at The Factory in Dalston on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May. You may have visited us there at the Yokimono Market! We’ll have a room full of different Japanese tea, tea pots, matcha, matcha ware and a variety of caked from Kichiya. I’ll also be holding a short introduction to the Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop. You can register here – everyone is welcome!

I’ve had quite a few calls and messages about Canopy Market – we will be back there this weekend from Friday 14th April to Sunday 16th April. We will be selling cups of matcha tea and matcha lattes, as well as top grades of matcha, green tea, tea pots, tea caddies and more. It’s a great opportunity to try some matcha before you buy it as well! It would be fantastic to see you all in King’s Cross.

One of my members of staff is going to Japan to work on a tea farm in Kyoto. I am sure we will miss her a lot and I would like to say a big thank you to her. She will enjoy Japanese culture, and Japanese food too of course! I will learn more about Japanese tea from her!

 The weather is not stable yet, but we can feel the warm spring breeze day by day. It makes me optimistic to feel it. Have a wonderful spring!


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