Get Ready to go Back to School!

September is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time for children to go back to school, students to start university and many of us will be going back to the office! In contrast to previous years, I’m sure many children are eager to get back to the classroom and see their friends, as we all try and get over the disruptions to last year’s schooling.

With everything becoming more normal (and busier) than it’s been for a while, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and disorganised. Why not try combining one of our Stalogy Editor’s Series Notebooks with a Removable Calendar. These calendars can turn a page of your notebook into a planner, allowing you to easily organise your schedule for the week (or month) ahead.

Available in two sizes and two styles, these calendars fit every type of lifestyle, and every size of notebook. The small calendars fit perfectly in the A6 Editor’s Series notebooks, providing a full page of organisation. Choose from monthly calendars, depending on how far in advance you like to plan things.

If it’s the B6 notebook you prefer, then either size of calendar works well. Use the medium calendars to fill the whole page or use the small one and have some space left over for a to-do list. The A5 Editor’s Series Notebook perfectly suits the medium calendars. It fits on the page with a little space for any notes you may want to make. What makes the calendars even more special, is that they can be removed from the page you’ve stuck them to, and re-stuck to a different page so you can use your notebook as flexibly as you like.

And if you’re using the removable calendars then why not try the Stalogy Masking Dots, available in 8 colour families with three colours per pack. That means there are 24 colours available. They also come in four sizes, although the 5mm and 8mm are the best sizes to use with the calendars. Use them to mark important days, colour code who is doing what or simply decorate the page – with masking dots the possibilities are endless!

You can buy all the products mentioned on NishuraEast so why not start organising your life today!

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