Meet the Stalogy B6 Landscape Notebook

You might work in the office, you might work from home, or you might have a hybrid work style at both the office and at home. Since lockdown our working style has changed dramatically.

The Stalogy B6 Notebook was developed from this experience. As I’ve talked about in a previous blog ("What is so special about the Stalogy B6 notebook?") B6 is a common and popular size for Japanese people. The Stalogy team thought that people working from home on a small desk, or from their kitchen table didn’t have space for a notebook and their computer. They created this narrow landscape notebook that would fit perfectly between your computer and the edge of the table. The perfect notebook for working from home, inspired by the WFH experience! You can use it for your daily task list, as a diary, or to jot down creative ideas.

As the Stalogy binding allows this notebook to open flat, I think it would make a great notebook for recipes, and meal plans. The handy B6 size means it won’t take up too much space on the kitchen counter. It could also be used as a travel journal - you could stick in tickets and souvenirs from memorable places. It is also a good size for a travel sketch book. I always have some masking dots on hand to stick things into my notebooks.

It truly is such a unique size and layout. Minimalist black notebooks like these also help act as a blank canvas to stimulate your creativity (as well as looking stylish). Will you be taking your Stalogy B6 Landscape notebook on holiday, or keeping it to help you work from home?

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