The hardest person to shop for.... your Mother!
For those of us in the UK, the end of March marks Mother’s Day. I always find it a bit intimidating to find a present for my mother. I know whatever I get she’ll act like it’s the best present ever, even if she actually hates it. Every year, I give her flowers, as I know she loves them, but I like to also get something a bit more permanent. I think the Toyo toolboxes are a unique and unexpected gift. They are stylish but still extremely practical. My mother loves flower arranging, so she could use one of the toolboxes to store her secateurs, gloves, and other floristry bits. There are also 6 different colours available, although I think the matte white would be my pick for my mother (although I adore the glossy red one personally!). The Toyo toolboxes are pressed from a single sheet of steel, so don’t have any welded joins, or sharp edges. They are built to last and age in a really stylish way, so they still look great after 10, even 20, years! I think I may have just talked (typed?) myself into picking up an extra one (in red this time) that I can store my crochet hooks and yarn in – far better than the old shoebox I’m currently using! Another option would be some of our books. Our two best-sellers are Zen – the art of simple living and Ikigai, and it’s not hard to see why. Zen was written by a Buddhist monk and contains 100 tips that will lead you to live a calmer and more fulfilled life. Not only are the tips meaningful and easy to implement, the book is also beautifully illustrated. Ikigai on the other hand was written by two Spanish authors who travelled to Okinawa to find out why people there live for long. The answer? A healthy lifestyle and doing the things in life that make you happy! In the book they help you figure out your ikigai – your purpose. Both these books are perfect for this post(?)-pandemic world we are emerging into and would make thoughtful gifts.   I’d love to know what you are going to get for your mother this Mother’s Day!
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