Create your own Kusama!

Create your own Kusama!

Written by Sophie, February 2021

Writing about my visit to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition for last week’s blog post and looking through my photos of it has really got me inspired. I feel like Stalogy’s masking dots would be perfect for a Kusama inspired work of art. Her signature style uses polka dots to create pumpkins, or more abstract dotty paintings.

To make a pumkin-esque picture, you could use the black masking dots from the shuffle space colour palette in different sizes to evoke the curves and undulations of the pumpkin, similar to this painting.

Yayoi Kusama pumpkin painting

Yayoi Kusama tends to use a yellow background, although red and green are also common colours she uses. You could even use a black background and then use coloured masking dots, maybe red or yellow from the shuffle fine colour palette.

You could use masking dots in a more organic and irregular way to create a picture more like this one, with different size masking dots of one colour, or even go crazy and use all your favourite colours for something truly unique. One of the great things about using masking dots is that you can peel them off and stick them down again, without damaging the surface underneath. This makes it really easy to get you picture looking exactly how you want it. You could easily just use black card, or whichever colour you choose as a background, or to really make it an art piece you could use a canvas painted in your background colour.

Yayoi Kusama Polka Dots

This would make such a great project to do with children, as it’s arty and creative but with masking dots there’s no clean up! And with such a range of colours and sizes (available here!) it’s really up to you what you create.

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