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The Japanese tea ceremony has played a far-reaching role - in Japanese society and beyond - demonstrating the importance of an alternative way of seeing, a different way of understanding other people, as well as having the capacity to deliver a Zen-inspired space in which to relax and reflect. 

This combination of offering a space for reflection, and providing an example of alternative ways of approaching things, has made our Japanese tea ceremony workshops a remarkable success with business clients.

While being entertaining and unusual, they can also be relevant and thought-provoking, and support management programmes and initiatives. Suitable not just for Japanese and Asian corporate situations, but for all business environments that relish fresh perspectives. 

Over the last 5 years we have worked with a surprising range of business clients, achieving different ends and strategies. It’s a great way of communicating and having fun with your staff – and (if you want to arrange it) you get to actually make tea yourself, instead of just listening, so you get really engaged.