Private / Parties

It has been a great joy in the last five years to invite individuals and small groups to the studio, to take part in the Japanese tea ceremony workshops, and it is wonderful how much pleasure and interest the experience has provided.

The highlight of the workshop is the ceremony itself, the making and the tasting of the tea, which is an extraordinary and moving occasion. As well as this, the workshops can cover a lot of ground, including the cultural history of the tea ceremony, which involves the history of tea, the development of the tea room, tea masters and philosophy, as well as such areas as textiles, gardens, food and ceramics. 

Discussing your visit beforehand means we can tailor the workshop to your own set of interests, which might have a stronger emphasis on history or tea – or even an interest in manga, as happened the other day. 

Our workshops at the studio are usually for between 2 to 6 people. If you would like to join as a couple or single person, do please get in touch and we can build a group together. The tea ceremony workshop is a great idea for a small party of people, and popular now for special occasions – we have had a hen party visit recently!

We are also happy to visit you at your own location, for a birthday party for example, which we have done several times. It is wonderful to see the different generations enjoying the Japanese tea ceremony together! We bring everything that is needed for everyone to take part.