Yukiko Kitahara
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Yukiko Kitahara

Yukiko Kitahara is a ceramic artist based in Gelves, Seville. Born in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan she studied ceramics in Seto, an area renowned for its ceramic production. She moved to Spain in 1994, and having participated in various ceramic workshops, many of which she was awarded scholarships for, Yukiko set up her own company in 2015. Her work has been featured in many publications, such as Architectural Digest France and Elle Spain.

Yukiko Kitahara develops her product with the soul and strength of her adopted land, Seville, and the delicacy and care of her Japanese origin. This translates into the use of white porcelain with which she seeks to reach the essential, under the general motto teinei na seikatsu, a Japanese phrase that roughly translates as “live neatly”. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we have to pause to create a moment of relaxation, peace and harmony – where we connect with our inner selves and our environment in a balanced way.

Yukiko’s main collection is called Use and (do not) throw away.

The pieces are designed to mimic single use items, like plastic cups, milk cartons and paper trays, to which she adds artistic and decorative elements, blending manmade and natural objects. The collection invites us to reflect on our use of disposable objects, and Yukiko hopes to inspire a change in consumer habits.

Products by Yukiko Kitahara

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